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  Nicole Daedone on ( OM )

Nicole Daedone is an author, consultant, teacher, and entrepreneur in service of bringing a more fulfilling sense of orgasm to the world.

Voted one of Vanity Fair’s Twelve Women Who Changed the Way We Look at Sex, Nicole first came to prominence as the leader of the Slow Sex Movement and the innovator of the 15-minute orgasm.

Throughout her work, Nicole has expanded the horizons of sexual experience, which has earned her invitations to share the stage as a speaker alongside other luminaries such as Neil Strauss, Tony Robbins, Naomi Wolfe and Esther Perel, as well as inclusion in Tim Ferriss' breakthrough book "The Four Hour Body."

Nicole brings a no-nonsense, empirical approach to the question most of us ask, “How do I have a better sex life?" But much more than that, her life has been spent exploring the impact of our full human potential in the arena of sex and what benefits that can bring not just to individuals and couples, but to communities, organizations and societies as a whole.

What becomes possible for our lives, our health, our happiness, and our prosperity when we learn to live in a continual state of orgasm? This is the territory Nicole continues to explore today.